The Instant Dishwasher: The Dishwasher For Urban Living

With the fast-paced lifestyle that we have today, many of us wanted things to be instant as possible. We have the no-cooked foods, instant noodles, automatic appliances and more just to make our lives as comfortable as possible despite of the hectic schedule that we have. For our dishes, we have the dishwasher to do the cleaning. They normally come in huge and bulky sizes, which is not ideal for today’s house or condominium units that has limited space with the bachelors, bachelorettes, or small family living. -via

The Instant Dishwasher

The Instant Dishwasher

To address this issue and made our lives as simple and comfortable as possible, designer Robert Lange collaborates with Bosch and created the Instant Dishwasher. This important home appliance has a sliding top that reveals a pull-up basket where we can put our dishes. Placed right next to the sink for easy cleaning and disposal of waste, the Instant Dishwasher is comfortably integrated in our kitchen counter, thus will save a lot of space. It looks sleek enough to be in homes with limited space, and elegant enough to be part of a home’s interior design. With the Instant Dishwasher, owning a huge and bulky dishwasher will surely be a part of history for people living in home with limited space and to those single ladies and gents that uses very few dishes.

The Instant Dishwasher

The Instant Dishwasher

The Instant Dishwasher

The Instant Dishwasher

The Instant Dishwasher

From: Robert Lange


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2 Comments so far
  1. Stephan Hawranick July 5, 2015 11:18 am

    Will Bosch market this wonderful item soon? It has been already 5 years since they developed the design with Robert Lange. Can you promote it for Micro Apartments and pressure Bosch in making it available? Please
    Stephan Hawranick

  2. HomeDosh July 13, 2015 1:20 pm

    Maybe you should contact Robert Lange and ask him to start a fundraising campaign to bring this concept into reality?

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