Voso-voso 3 Multifunctional Rocking Chair

Rocking chairs are one of the traditional furniture that already exist during our grandparents’ time. The rocking chair is their favorite tool for relaxation during their dull moments or when they want to unwind. Voso-voso is a rocking chair that functions far different compared to the classical one. Voso-voso is a multi-functional chair that can be used as rocking chair, horse chair, stool, and even a waist exercise tool. With its curve backrest that can be used as a handle, users can now enjoy the feeling of doing some horseback riding. One can also sit sideways, and rocking it sideways can be a good waist exercise. Furthermore, the Voso-voso has the ability to accommodate one or two person doing waist exercise at the same time.

voso-voso 3 rocking chair

voso-voso 3 rocking chair

Voso-voso 3 brings a great deal of fun and surprise to the sitting experience. The seat component is longer and narrower than ordinary chairs, so one or two users can be accommodated. Its back is a simple curved bar which also serves as a handle when the user(s) turn(s) around to use it as a rocking horse. The user can comfortably rest their arms on the handle thanks to the soft foam material used. One can also choose to sit sideways and use the chair as a stool. Rocking sideways is a good waist exercise.

voso-voso 3 rocking chair

The shape has been carefully designed to pique people’s curiosity and imagination – is it a deer, a goat or a praying mantis? There is no correct answer. It is also a fun challenge for people to discover how many ways Voso-voso 3 can be used.

The comfortable upholstered seat is covered with easy-to-clean fabric. The handle (or armrest or seat back) is composed of rigid polyurethane foam with internal steel framing to ensure a firm grip or a sturdy support to the user’s back. The stainless steel leg framing gives the chair a lightweight look – and indeed it is light – but it is strong enough to support two adults. The warmth of the two curved wood base rods balances the cooler look of the stainless steel. The colour and material combination makes it compatible to different interior styles.

voso-voso 3 rocking chair

From : John Meng


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  1. Vanja August 10, 2012 10:13 am

    Can you tell me where is possible to buy this rocking chair? I have searched all ver the internet but with no sucess.


  2. HomeDosh August 21, 2012 3:41 am

    Hi Vanja, it's only concept, it's not commercially available anywhere yet.

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