Interior design and home decoration is important. It makes a house a home. It can relive stress and anxiety if done correctly and can boost a person’s self-esteem. We view it as not just improving your home, but improving yourself. It is this dedicated and understanding attitude that has made HomeDosh one of the leading online magazines in home design and decoration. Our unique understanding of what people want and how their home interiors are important to them has earned us the trust of thousands of people from around the world who are looking to improve their lives by improving their homes. What’s more, interior design is something that is constantly happening – whether people are buying new homes or others have decided simply to re-decorate their existing home.

Our readers are these people who are intensely absorbed in home decoration and improvement. They are a high quality of people who take pride in their home and surroundings and themselves as people. Mainly female, our readers are intuitive and understanding. They are willing to spend money on making their home perfect – no matter what the cost. They share the same ethos as us – that you cannot put a price on making a house a home. Some are young professionals also who work with interior design and thus look to our website for the leading ideas in home improvement ideas. Our ideas are classic, timeless and modern and tailored to each individual. Thus, advertising with us ensures that you get a wide range of people looking at your services and products.

There are many ways in which to advertise with us on our website. These include:

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Sponsored post is where you provide us the article of your product/service and we give you a link back to your business website. We’ll disclose if a post is a sponsored post. Our rate for sponsored post is $150/post and we’ll keep the post for 6 months. If your product is really good, we can negotiate the rate again. Please contact us:

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This post is a great exposure of your product. We’ll stick the post for 3 days at the main page. Our rate for giveaway posts is $50/post.

4. Product reviews

This is free, however you need to be able to send your product sample outside U.S.A. We have the right to refuse to do the review if your product is not related to our content.

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