Andromeda Suspended Lamp: Sleek And Elegant

Need of a lamp the illuminates and decorates? Well, you have to consider various things when choosing for a lamp. You are not only buying a lighting system when buying your lamp, but also, you are buying one of your most important home décor. In addition, the way how your lighting system emits light also plays an important role. Those lamp that emits light the traditional way like putting the bulb on it and when you turn on they will already produce a downward illumination are some kind of old fashion, dry and not trendy at all. The Andromeda Suspended lamp carries almost everything that you need in a lamp. To start, it has the sleek design that will compliment your home’s interior design. Through its mirror reflectors, its LED clusters emit light, which is not traditional at all. Designed for Japan based manufacturer Yamagiwa by UK designer Ross Lovergrove, the Andromeda Suspended Lamp is now available in the market, 1 year after the prototype has been produced. -via

Andromeda Suspended Lamp

Andromeda Suspended Lamp

Andromeda Suspended Lamp

Andromeda Suspended Lamp

Andromeda Suspended Lamp

Andromeda Suspended Lamp

From: Ross Lovegrove


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