Modern Leather Sofas from Huset

There’s just something about sofas. They’re the focal point of a living or family room so it is important to choose one that stands out, and of course, is comfortable. I am going to share two different choices with you they are both different, but equally as amazing.

First up, I am going to begin with the trusty leather sofa. That’s right, they have been around for years and years and they will be around for many more yet. Simple yet stylish, leather sofas can really blend into any environment. One of my favourites is the Lennon, Australian made leather sofa lounge, made by Cameron Foggo for Staple & Co.

Lennon Leather Sofa Lounge

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Staying Cool with the Advantages of Blackout Curtains

Staying Cool with the Advantages of Blackout CurtainsWhen people talk about curtains, they often end up with the most brilliant decorative designs to add beauty to their homes. But isn’t it more wonderful to have curtains that acts on its role? Today, when people wanted to have a thing that leaves no refract of sunlight, they have to decide to purchase Blackout Curtains for their homes.

This will be a review of the said subject. From here, you’ll know how the terms are being defined, the uses and how it becomes significant for the homeowners.

Literally, your block out curtains are the curtains you use at home with the main responsibility of blocking the inside and outside lights for you not see them at all. These materials may not at all provide you excellent decorations to beautify your homes but it’s proven enough to give you a number of benefits. By this description, you will gain the following advantages when using Blackout Curtains:
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Bamboo Flooring Pros and Cons : Read This Before You Decide to Install Bamboo Flooring

When it comes to choosing a sustainable material, bamboo tops the list to many environmentally friendly individuals. With the growing awareness of keeping the environment safe, manufacturers using bamboo as source material are now growing in numbers and various products have been produced to date including those popular bamboo floors of today. Being made from bamboo, bamboo floors are obviously eco-friendly. However, before you finally decide, below are bamboo flooring pros and cons.

Bamboo Flooring Pros and Cons

The Pros of Bamboo Floors

Eco-friendly – it has been long known that bamboo is a highly renewable source of material. It can completely mature within as short as three to five years. Even though bamboo is as durable as hardwood, it incomparably matures shorter than hardwood that matures in twenty years time or more.
Easy to Maintain – maintaining bamboo floors is dead easy. You just do the regular sweeping or vacuum it on a regular basis and you will enjoy a good looking, shiny bamboo floors at all times. Occasional mopping with damp cloth or cleaning it using non-wax, non-alkaline cleanser will also keep the beauty of a bamboo floor.

Water Resistant – compared to hardwood, bamboo floors are more resistant to water damage, stains, and warping. However, one should take this as a concern though.
Natural – with the importance of using natural materials in the manufacturing and construction industry nowadays, using bamboo is generally an advantage.

Price – bamboo floors are priced almost similar to hardwood floors. In fact, some are priced at two to eight dollars per square foot. However, it is not advisable to take on those extremely cheap materials, as they sometimes come with low quality.

Style – when it comes to beauty and style, bamboo is of no doubt a stylish, elegant and trendy. If you have not tried one yet, bamboo floors elevate the elegance of any space the moment it is installed. It looks just as stylish and elegant as hardwood floors but obviously different and distinct.

The Cons of Bamboo Floors

VOC Emission – before one can enjoy the beauty of bamboo floors, the process requires slicing or shredding bamboo stalks and putting it back together to create bamboo planks with the help of heat, pressure, and resin based adhesive.

Prone to Scratches – even though we all know that bamboo is easy to maintain, keeping it perfectly looking good as it use to is very hard. Various things can cause nasty scratches to a beautiful bamboo floor including high heels, pet claws, and more.


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