Komorebi Hanging Hammock Chair – Natural Swaying Motion That Helps You Relax

After a hard day’s work, lounging on Komorebi Hanging Hammock Chair helps you to relax in no time. Simply kick off your shoes off, grab your favorite book or play your jams, use this hammock chair to simply enjoy the moment. The ergonomic design provides full back support to allow your body to sit for hours comfortably. Disconnect yourself for awhile from chaos of the day, just read your favorite magazine or book, or close your eyes and enjoy your favorite music, reconnect with yourself again.

This hammock chair is perfect for your bedroom, especially when there’s an empty corner that you can use. It completes the décor. [Click Here to get more details of Komorebi Hammock Chair]

Komorebi Hanging Hammock Chair

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Luxury House of Hampton Germain 7-Piece Comforter Set with Chevron Motif Underside

Need a makeover in the bedroom? You can start with elegant House of Hampton Germain 7-Piece Comforter Set. It’s going to make a different really, it would refresh the atmosphere, in fact, your bed would become the focal point thanks to this stylish and luxurious 7-piece comforter set. Each set consists of a comforter, two shams, three decorative pillows, and a bed skirt. Even though the color options might be neutral and soft, this set stands out due to pin tucks and that cool chevron motif underside. It’s machine washable for your convenient. [CLICK HERE to get more information about this Luxury House of Hampton Germain 7-Piece Comforter Set]

Luxury House of Hampton Germain 7-Piece Comforter Set

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Beautiful Geisha Garden 300 Thread Count Peacock and Fish Bed Sheet Set by Sin In Linen

What a lovely bed sheet set from Sin In Linen, it is colorful tattoo inspired print, you can see peacocks, geishas, and koi fish spread across cherry blossoms pattern. It’s like artistic garden in China with beautiful color combination, this sheet set would certainly bright up any bedroom. The material is 100% cotton sateen, very soft and comfortable, this type of pattern is gender neutral, it’s not too feminine or masculine, just beautiful pattern for anyone who appreciate art.

Sin in Linen company itself has been known for its imaginative designs from pop underground and beyond. The material is always soft and comfortable, there are over a dozen patterns you can choose from. This model is available in several size options: twin size, full size, queen size, king size, and California king size. [CLICK HERE to get more details about Geisha Garden 300 Thread Count Peacock and Fish Bed Sheet Set]

Geisha Garden 300 Thread Count Peacock Bed Sheet Set by Sin In Linen

Geisha Garden 300 Thread Count Peacock Bed Sheet Set by Sin In Linen

Bamboo Mid-century Modern Nightstand with Self-Close Drawers

Do you love Bamboo material for furniture? You might want to get a complete set of bedroom nightstand. Bamboo Mid-century Modern Nightstand with natural color offers beautiful furniture in your bedroom, especially when you have modern bedroom décor. The quality is unquestionable, the manufacturer gives attention to details from self close drawers to the appearance and feel, it has ultra chic natural finish. Just in case you really love this nightstand, you can also get the matching bed and dresser to complete the set. [Click Here to get more details about this bamboo nightstand]

Bamboo Mid-century Modern Nightstand

Bamboo Mid-century Modern Nightstand

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Soft and Luxurious Brylanehome Cotton Chenille Bedspread Complements Your Bedroom Decor

If you are fond of beautifully styled simple bedspreads, Brylanehome Cotton Chenille Bedspread is a good option for you. Depending on your bed’s color scheme, you can go for multiple contrasting ranges, to make your bedroom interior looks more elegant and neat. With bedspread set, you get pillow covers, bed sheet, and a quilt. There are four sizes according to your bed’s dimensions, i.e. Twin, Full, Queen and King. Its attractive finishing gives your bed a fresh look and multiple color ranges in grey, dull green, sky blue, navy blue, white, burgundy, butter, peach, chocolate, sand, olive, dark mocha, dark plum, raisin and spice, expand your range in terms of color scheme selection for your room.

When you want your room to look more like grown up bed room, go for darker color schemes. For younger style, the bedspread contrasts can be in brighter color tones. For kids, lighter color schemes can be used. Usually girls are fond of pink till their teen ages and boys love sky blue tone.

Brylanehome Cotton Chenille Bedspread

Brylanehome Cotton Chenille Bedspread

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Bedroom Decor Idea : How to Decorate a Master Bedroom?

Bedroom Decor Idea : How to Decorate a Master Bedroom?When at home, one area in the house we want to stay for long is the master bedroom. As much as possible, we want to stay in the room the entire holiday to relax and unwind. If you want to make your room attractive for kids, perhaps you can go with a beach theme, however, different people have different taste and style. To feel more relaxed and stress free while staying in your room, we have suggested below some of the great ideas and easy steps on how to decorate a master bedroom.

Choose an Inspiration – decorating a master bedroom is very basic. We all want a lovely and relaxing bedroom. Before we start with the decorating job, it would be best that we will choose first our inspiration or theme. you can opt to choose a rustic style, green living, all white, all black, black and white, urban, and more. In this way, you will end up buying the right furniture, decors, and accessories to buy.

Do the Paint Job – to end up with an eye-catching and relaxing master bedroom, you can start with the paint. Choose colors that match your needs and personality. You can go with deeper tones like dark red, deep purple or brown if you want your room to be romantic. You can also use lighter shade if you want your room to be restful.

Choose your furniture – now that you have make up your mind for the theme and paint colors, time to choose the right furniture pieces like the bed, dresser, nightstand, lamp, and more. Depending on your theme, you can opt to go for elegant furniture pieces or furniture sets with classic design. You can also choose according to colors like dark or bright colored furniture sets. If you have kids at home, maybe you can choose furniture sets with rounded or no sharp corners. These types of furniture will not only keep your kids safe but can also be slipped easily anywhere.

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Save Space With B125C Wood Arched Design Convertible Bunk Bed

Providing our family with a comfortable and elegant bed to sleep is a good choice but it would be even better if we provide them what they need while keeping their room spacious as possible using the B125C Wood Arched Design Convertible Bunk Bed. The bed is made of hardwoods and veeners making it a sturdy bed for your active child. The 65-mm wood posts add up to the stable platform of the bed. [Click here for more information about B125C Wood Arched Design Convertible Bunk Bed]

B125C Wood Arched Design Convertible Bunk Bed

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How to Decorate a Small Bedroom

A small bedroom is a common thing these days, especially if you are one of those living in big cities where homes have very limited space. Decorating a small bedroom can be tough. You might have a lot stuff in mind but wondering where to place them in your bedroom. With the aim to help you decorate your small bedroom, we are listing below few helpful ideas on how to decorate a small bedroom.

How to Decorate a Small BedroomChoose the right bed – when decorating a small bedroom, the first thing to consider is the bed, as it is the main furniture in every bedroom and it takes the largest chunk of your bedroom space. A queen size bed is ideal for small bedroom than the king size one. Platform bed on the other hand is perfect too because these types of bed are low rise making the room look larger.

Paint color options – when choosing a color for your bedroom walls, it would be nice to choose light colors if you have a small bedroom. Darker shades of paints make a room looks more compact and occupied. In addition, using minimal color combination is advisable. The more the color combination you are using, the more your room will look crowded. A combination of cream and white will not only make your room larger but will also create a refreshing look.

Choose the right furniture – like choosing a bed, choose the right furniture for your small bedroom. Instead of a closet of dresser, choose to have an under bed storage system. You can also opt to have a wall-mounted shelf than having a side table and similar furniture.

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Sleep Comfortably In Style Using Your New Murray Black Platform Bed

Having a platform especially if you have a Murray Black Platform Bed does not only mean that you can enjoy a comfortable sleep as you please but also you definitely will enjoy a stylish bedroom interior with the platform bed’s sleek design and clean lines.

You can choose the size that suits you when you purchase one for the bedroom because it offers four different sizes including Full Size, King Size, Queen and Twin Sizes. The elegant black finish of the platform bed adds up to the beauty and elegance of the bed making it a perfect addition to your bedroom interior design and works as one of your lovely decors. Black is easy to match with any color. Therefore, whatever your interior design theme is, the black platform bed will surely be a lovely combination or elegant contrast. [Click here to know more about Murray Black Platform Bed]

Murray Black Platform Bed

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