Vintage Style Porch Light Features Beautiful Wire Cage for Sleeker Appearance

This is modern version of vintage style lanterns, which are usually used on the old merchant fishing ships or industrial cargo boats back in the 18th century. The vintage style porch light design features thinner wire cage that creates a sleeker appearance, together with cast aluminum topper and embellished steep piping help to make the construction sturdy. You would love this light, you can install it to light up your bathroom, patio’s entryways, or hallways. The design matches any rustic, farmhouse, or industrial style décor.

Vintage Style Porch Light by Miller Lights

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Greyleigh Tuscola Firebowl Steel Wood Burning Fire Pit with Mesh Screen to Prevent Stray Sparks

Wood-burning fire pit has always created an instant social hub. It’s undeniable firepit always makes people gather together, whether you place it in your backyard, patio, or porch. Greyleigh Tuscola Firebowl Steel Wood Burning Fire Pit features traditional details such as weathered brass rivets along with built-in handles, it’s a firepit that enhances your outdoor gathering space. This fire pit is the right size to enjoy cozy, warm fire.

That flared base and striking brass tack style detailing on top rim of the brazier make this fire pit really stunning. Friends and family would love to gather together around it on a chilly evening. That 4-inch diameter handles have the perfect size to make it easy to move the fire pit around or when you need to dump out the ashes. [Click Here to get more details of Tuscola Steel Fire Pit]

Greyleigh Tuscola Firebowl Steel Wood Burning Fire Pit

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Cane-Line Curve Lounge Chair Is Organically Shaped to Provide Sustainable Chair for Your Patio

Cane-Line Curve Lounge Chair is organically shaped from sustainable rattan. It’s a nice addition to your home, adding a little touch of nature and craft. As a long-lasting material, this chair has been crafted to make sure it provides user with ultimate comfort as well as looks good in any room. Made in Indonesia, this rattan chair features curvaceous and sculptural shape, the material creates strong structure yet lightweight. It demonstrates Cane-line rich Danish design heritage while at the same time focusing on sustainability and convenience. This modern indoor furniture would look good in your patio, backyard, or even the living room.

Cane-Line Curve Lounge Chair by Foersom & Hiort-Lorenzen

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Beautiful Vista Alegre Blue Ming 16-Piece Set by Marcel Wanders Studio

Designed by Marcel Wanders Studio, here’s an elegant Vista Alegre Blue Ming 16-piece dinnerware set. It certainly will elevate your dining table to a new level, your guests would admire these ceramics dinnerware that features classic style. Blue Ming is an update of traditional delft Blue ceramics, designed for contemporary design lovers. The artistic take on the style features vibrant flowers, leaves, and some beautiful details all in blue.

Blue Ming dinnerware set consists of four dinner plates, four dessert plates, four ceramic bowls, and four mugs. But you need something less, a 4-piece set is also available. [Click Here to get more details of this beautiful dinnerware set]

Beautiful Vista Alegre Blue Ming 16-Piece Set by Marcel Wanders Studio

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Elegant Peace Lily Plant Brings a Bit of Nature Touch to Your Home or Workspace

If you still under stay-at-home orders or work-from-home, here’s Peace Lily Plant (Spathiphyllum) that would bring calmness in your home office. It is best to place it in bright, indirect light, even though it can tolerate low light levels, however, this plant would thrive and produce more blooms with more light.

It’s a beautiful plant to decorate your work desk, or perhaps you can place it near the window, adding a little bit of nature in your workspace. This Peace Lily features broad, dark green leaves with beautiful white calla lily flower on a tall stem, very elegant looking flower. Each plant is potted in eco-friendly coconut coir soil made from coconuts. This company also offers variety of plants that suit your style from bonsai, money tree, to cute mini succulent plants. [Click Here to get more details of this cute Peace Lily Plant]

Peace Lily Plant by Plants

Made of Recycled Glass, Rainbow Love Lamp Would Look Cool as a Table Lamp

Hand painted and hand drilled, each lamp is constructed with love and care. Rainbow Love Lamp is made of donated, recycled glass bottles from local restaurants. Those colorful bottles are turned into this beautiful table lamp that features pink, orange, blue, green, and purple glasses, they are all arranged with careful consideration to bring out beautiful visual arrangement.

Each Rainbow Love Lamp comes with LED fairy lights set that has a 36-inch USB cord with compatible wall charger adapter. Once you turn it on, it’ll cast colorful lights in the room, it’ll become a conversation starter for all guests who come visit. It also makes an excellent night light. [Click Here to get more details of Rainbow Love Lamp]

Rainbow Love Lamp Recycled Glass Bottle Table Lamp - Handmade

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Frosted Berry 24-inch Lighted Wreath Gives Rustic Vibe Wherever You Place It

This holiday, there’s even more reasons to décor your home to lift up the spirit of Christmas. Even though we might not be able to come together with the whole family, we can still display the spirit of joy this holiday. Frosted Berry 24-inch Lighted Wreath brings that classic circular silhouette at your front door, it features frosted pine cones that create beautiful rustic look with combination of red holly berries and green eucalyptus leaves. It delivers festive message to everyone who sees it.

You can place it inside or outside on your front door, those warm white LED lights give this wreath even more beauty and elegant look, it lights up at night thanks to its three AA batteries. The timer helps you to set the lights to your preference. [Click Here to get more details of this Rustic Frosted Berry Wreath]

Frosted Berry 24-inch Lighted Wreath

Artistic Rebar Antler Wall Sculpture Made from Recycled Steel and Fiber Rope

Don’t worry, this wall décor doesn’t come from a dead animal. Rebar Antler Wall Sculpture is handcrafted from recycled steel and natural fiber rope, creating rustic, vintage vibe in any room. So definitely not taxidermy, don’t worry about it, it’s an artistic sculpture that mimics the shape of a deer antler.

Joseph Medina, the creator, welds and bends each sculpture with his two hands in his New York studio to create a truly one-of-a-kind in every piece. It’s beautiful and unique piece of art, no animal killing involved in the making of this sculpture. [Click Here to get more details of this Antler Wall Sculpture]

Rebar Antler Wall Sculpture by Joseph Medina

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Inslee Fariss Twelve Days of Christmas Menagerie Dessert Plates Bring Back Classic Holiday Theme to Your Dining Table

Anthropologie has worked together with Inslee Fariss to design this festive dessert plates. That vintage design brings back classic Christmas carol into your life through your holiday table. Each plate is sold individually, each one features whimsical creativity that demonstrate high skill of Inslee Fariss from the paintings to invitation designs. The material is decaled stoneware, it is suggested that you hand wash the plate instead of using dishwasher.

Inslee Fariss Twelve Days of Christmas Menagerie Dessert Plate

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LARQ Water Pitcher Features Water Filtration and Purification System to Provide Clean Water at Your Home

Coming from LARQ, one of leaders in global health and wellness hydration brand, LARQ Pitcher features two-step water filtration to ensure you drink only the cleanest and healthiest water. This water pitcher has been designed with plant-based filter and PureVis UV-C LED technology, the same technology that you’ve seen in LARQ Bottle flagship. This pitcher aims to provide you with pure water beyond filtration. This innovative product marks the growth of this brand for much needed adaptation for filtered water industry. LARQ is a brand with special mission to lower dependency on single-use plastic, this pitcher answers the challenges of drinking tap water using a sustainable solution to clean water at your home.

As LARQ Pitcher comes to fruition, Justin Wang, CEO of LARQ, explains that this is the next step in bringing clean and safe water to more people. This water pitcher is accessible to all people to meet our daily hydration needs. [Click Here to get more details of LARQ Water Pitcher]

LARQ Water Pitcher Features Water Filtration and Purification System

LARQ Water Pitcher Features Water Filtration and Purification System

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