Beautiful Heloise Blue/Gray Area Rug for French Country Home

Inspired by Oriental-medallion motif, Heloise Area Rug features faded blue, ivory, and gray colors that’s perfect for traditional or French country abodes. It’s a beautiful rug for your living room, it is machine woven from stain and fade resistant polypropylene in a low 0.37” pile. Made in Turkey, the different shades of blue will freshen your space, perfect for high-traffic living rooms or dining spaces that are prone to occasional spills alike. Each rug is completed with a durable jute backing, we highly recommend that you pair it with a rug pad to prevent sliding underfoot. [Click Here to get more details about Heloise Rug]

Heloise Ivory/Grey Area Rug

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Luanda Area Rug Features Beautiful Geometric Design Pattern to Enhance The Room

Choosing the right area rug is an important part to make the room feels cozy and comfy. The geometric pattern of Luanda Area Rug blends perfectly in your space, it adds unique décor without adding noise to your space. An area rug is a nice addition to a hard surface floor such as tile, hardwood, or laminate, it can bring together all elements in the room. The benefits of an area rug extend far more than just style, you need to know to choose the perfect rug to actually improve the space. It can also be a noise reduction, walking on a rug can be quieter than on a hard surface floor, the rug absorbs sound from the air. [CLICK HERE to get more details about Geometric Luanda Area Rug]

Luanda Area Rug - Geometric Artistic Area Rug

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Monterrey Area Rug – Handwoven Wool Rug Brings Natural Hues in Any Room

Monterrey Area Rug is made of pure wool, when you install this in your room, you can feel it enhances the room. It is extremely soft to touch, children would love playing on the rug especially in colder weather. The fabulous color fits any modern décor, it won’t create contrast with its surrounding due to mixture of soft colors. You can read more details about this rug from the merchant, it’s a nice product that clearly says high quality hand made rug. Available in five size option, you can chose the one that fits your room, the neutral color would blend very well with your furniture. It also has hand-woven patterns to enhance the overall look without sacrificing the quality.

What are the features?

  • The rug is hand-woven.
  • It is made of pure wool that is why it is very durable.
  • There is double napped finish either side of the rug that increases the softness of the rug.
  • It is the perfect combination of color, material and thickness.
  • There are natural colors and patterns.

The Monterrey Area Rug feels pleasantly soft in your hand or on your feet. Apart from that, the brushed cotton adds depth to the rug, it ensures high-level of shedding in the wool shag. The number of an ounce instead of thread count is used to measure the fabric, this rug has higher pile than any other normal rugs. [CLICK HERE to get more information about Monterrey Area Rug]

Monterrey Area Rug by Dwell Studio

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The Egg Rug: Your Sunny-Side-Up Is On The Floor

When we hear sunny-side-up, the breakfast thing is definitely what comes to our minds first. Would you like your sunny-side-up egg on the floor? Definitely not! But not this stylish rug by Valentina Audrito. This playful and eye-catching rug mimics the look of a cooked sunny-side-up egg that you normally had for your breakfast. It also has the yoke and white just like your real sunny-side-up. The yolks on the rug can surely work as your pillows if you opt to lie down to relax while watching TV, reading books, or listening to your favorite music. This rug will not only keep you warm and clean but also, it definitely will create a playful and unique ambiance. -via

Sunny Side Up Rug

From: Valentina Audrito

Losanges: A Rug Collection That Will Surely Bring Color To Your Home

As what I have known, rugs are used to provide us a warm feel as we step on our floor especially during winter. However, with the eye-catching designs of rugs, they are now a multipurpose home accessories. Rugs do not limit only of being a warmer but also it now serves as one of your elegant and striking home décor. With the numerous designs and prints that it has, rugs can surely bring new life and color to your modern home. Since the absorb cold and keep your warm while you are on it, you can comfortably sit or lie down on an extended period. -via

Losanges Rugs

Losanges Rugs

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Land Carpet: Show The Artist In You

When traveling by plane, we always get amazed with the pattern of patchwork of view below as we take off and about to landing. If like many of us you also love the same thing, you definitely would love to have these patchwork patterns at home using the Land Carpet. Designed by Florian Pucher, these rugs are made of 100% New Zealand wool and uses satellite images in order to have a representation of different continents and countries. One of the examples is the shade of tan grids of the U.S.A. and Africa. These formation will surely not only serves as your floor coverings and décor but also a mini geographical lesson. -via

Land Carpet

Land Carpet

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Create An Earth Friendly Atmosphere With The Bear Skin Rug

Decorating our homes brings different ambiance and will surely suites our needs and wants. If you are one of those who wanted to help save our endangered animals but won’t be able to be there personally to help them, we can express our concern with these animals through the Bear Skin Rug by Lise Lefebvre. These animal themed rug will make you and your guests aware of the current situation of our endangered animals and will surely do something to help save these animals. Most of all, you will get the chance to decorate your home with a unique and eye-catching designs. -via

Bear Skin Rug

From: 360SEE

Sled Coffee Table And Rug From Duffy London

Furniture of stylish design creates multi-purpose function. Like the Sled Coffee Table and Rug from Duffy London, this traditionally shaped of a sled coffee table has a look like of a ski sits on a thick pile of rugs that resembles the looks of a snow will definitely not only work as a simple coffee table but also a wonderful home décor with its looks. The rug even has deep groves that on the other hand create the impression of a compressed snow under the weight of the skis. This coffee table will definitely works out perfectly on any modern interiors of today from home to office to business establishments. -via

Sled Coffee Table

From: Hidden Art Shop

CNS Rugs In Collaboration With Homedosh Gives Away A Free Rug!

Hello there our beloved reader of HomeDosh! It is a one great day for all of us today! Why? Because something in this world is for FREE today! It is a beautiful RUG from CNS Rugs. Yes! You’ve read it right! CNS Rugs in collaboration with HomeDosh is giving away a FREE RUG to one of our lucky readers and followers!

We have received a message from CNS Rugs offering to give away a free rug to our readers. As a form of showing our gratitude to our readers, we have decided to accept CNS Rug’s proposal and decided to collaborate with them. Are you excited? We hope so, we have picked the rug that will perfectly fit your home’s interior design.

csn rugs recife veranda rug

Is it really FREE? Aren’t we going to spend a penny? You might have these questions in mind. To answer you with, YES the offer is FREE! You never have to spend even a single cent because CNS Rugs will not just give you the rug for FREE but will ship it right at your doorsteps FREE! This offer is open to our readers from Canada and the USA.

Leave us your critics/suggestions to make HomeDosh a better website, and we will pick the best comment to win the rug! Good Luck and have a happy RUG day!

Congratulations! The winner of the rug is Hart Armstrong, please email us your full name and your address. Thank you to all of you who have taken the time to enter this contest, we really appreciate it.

Beautifully Hand Tufted Nova Rugs from Kasthall

Giving an attractive look to our elegant floors are the rugs. You can choose from various types like the woven rugs, hand tufted, wall-to-wall carpets or runner. The newly presented rug by Gunilla Lagerhem Ullberg for Katshall is a hand-tufted rug that is being influenced by a wall-to-wall carpet from Katshall archive. This long-pile rug in retro style that is hand-tufted in wool and linen has a sunny star pattern that looks awesome on its geometrical design and will surely be a part of your home decoration. Available in two colors including the red orange and the graphic, the Nova rugs will surely be a good match to your rooms.

Nova Rug

Nova Rug

From: Katshall


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