Pinocchio Laundry Rack for Your Bathroom

Add your personality in the bathroom with this funny Pinocchio laundry rack. Just pull the nose towards the opposite wall and lock it, you can hang little clothes in your bathroom, little useful bathroom accessories.

pinocchio bathroom laundry rack

From : FCM design studio via DesignSpotter

Shower Stall with Transparent Shower Doors from Bmood

You can install this shower stall in the corner of your wall or the center. Combine with metal components and transparent shower doors, this shower stall has a swivel doors with clear glass in many different colors that you can choose to match your bathroom decor. The shower plate, which is 4 cm thick, combined with the essential design of the metal components and the transparency of the shower doors, confers a sensation of formal weightlessness to the product.

bmood shower stall

bmood shower stall

From : Bmood

Paris 1 Bathroom Faucet from ModernBathroom

Having two knobs hot and cold sometimes can be irritating for some people, they don’t like adjust separate knobs to get the right temperature. Bathroom faucet from ModernBathroom does a good job integrating a lever. With solid brass core and a chrome, this Paris 1 bathroom faucet is easy to clean and no doubt in its durability.

modernbathroom faucet

modernbathroom faucet

From : ModernBathroom

Travertine Natural Stone Bathtubs by Vaselli Marmi

Another stone bathtubs to complete your natural bathroom design theme. Travertine is a natural stone that has been used since ancient period within great architectural masterpiece of Roman times, physically timeless. Now you can have it as your bathtubs, check Vaselli Marmi’s AQUA collection. The pleasantly oval Sailing bathtub makes use of white travertine, the angular Boat bathtub is in gold travertine, and the circular Beach bathtub is in becagli travertine.

travertine stone bathtubs

vaselli marmi stone bathtubs

vaselli marmi travertine stone bathtubs

From : Vaselli Marmi

Enjoy The Luxurious Steam Bathroom From Tylo

Ready for steam bathroom ? This contemporary steam bathroom from Tylo might be the perfect bathroom for you. A luxurious steam room that meets the highest criteria for form and function. The perfect complement to public bathing facilities in hotels, spas and corporate hospitality suites ? and a dream come true in most homes. This steam bathroom is available in many sizes and shapes, pick the one that suit your need and desire, enjoy !

steam bathroom from tylo

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