Outdoor Wooden Spa Tub

Do you have a pool or garden ? This outdoor wooden spa is a great addition next to your pool. A classic tub with a couple of tubs which you can choose to have hot or cold water, there is an optional heating pump that you can install to avoid lines from freezing in cold conditions. With price tag $19,750, this luxury spa is perfect for your luxury house.

outdoor wooden spa

Source : Spa Tub via BornRich

Gorgeous Outdoor Spa from Exteta

Having outdoor spa is like having the ultimate way to refresh your energy, feel the atmosphere of beautiful outdoor or your garden. Under wooden or fabric roof, an entirely Red Cedar structure, look at the jacuzzi, wow … relaxing under the stars at night, what a super relaxing spa sessions. The Jacuzzi boasts a shower which rains down from the roof into the bath for a uniquely relaxing experience. Beautifully constructed, the TH collection huts look great inside and out, made totally from naturally grained wood.

red cedar outdoor spa

red cedar outdoor spa

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