POPI Umbrella Concept Is An Innovative Umbrella

Many of us hates to bring an umbrella because we are having a hard time storing them especially when wet but not if you have the POPI Umbrella concept . The POPI umbrella is an innovative umbrella concept design from givingshape and it surely will be a loveable addition to the essential contents of our bag every time we go out.

POPI Umbrella  Concept
POPI Umbrella Concept
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The Journeyman Steamer Trunk Is A Modern Furniture For Modern Fashionistas

Designed by Method Luxury Furniture for the Amsterdam based fashion laber, Denham, the Journeyman steamer trunk is a stylish piece of furniture made with traditional and contemporary influences and techniques. The trunk, is has a frame made of solid ash and uses 200 traditional joints for interlock each part. On the outer layer of the trunk you will see a 1.5m thick birch and hand-stitched leather. Journeyman Steamer Trunk Journeyman Steamer Trunk Continue for more images >>

BEN-D-CH Bench Is A Unique Furniture And Billboard In One

Installing billboards in public places is common but seeing some of it in furniture pieces like bench as what you can see with BEN-D-CH bench is something new. Ben-d-ch is a public seating solution designed to work double as billboard screen for advertisements. The bench can cater graphics, videos, and other form of advertisements.

Ben-d-Ch Bench
Ben-d-Ch Bench
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