Contemporary Sofa Designs by Andrej Statskij

Sofas are definitely the main attraction in every contemporary living area. That is why, Lithuanian designer Andrej Statskij created various sofa design that will surely adds up some beauty into any living room. If you have to take a look on its Nautilus Sofa, its sleek design and fine lines is perfect a simple yet elegant homes. With the way it looks, Iʼm sure; any user would have a great lounging experience with the Nautilus sofa. The orange-n-black sofa is obviously attractive with the color combination alone. The ultra sofa has an aesthetic design that will fit in any living room, waiting area or lounging area of any business establishment because of its elegant look. The bolid seating is perfect for car lovers and loves the feel of driving a formula 1. The Ego coffee table and bench is perfect for outdoor use and the formula sofa has an elegant look that will sure give you some modern comfort. – via

contemporary sofa design from andrej statskij

 Nautilus Sofa: Like a Nautilus submarine, this product is created from shapes derived from certain sea creatures.

 contemporary sofa design from andrej statskij

 Orange-n-black Sofa: A mix combining the seating of a couch along with a table.

contemporary sofa design from andrej statskij

 Ultra Sofa: A strong form characterized by the use of black leather and metal

 contemporary sofa design from andrej statskij

 Bolid Seating: Designed for anyone who wants to feel like a Formula 1 car driver.

 contemporary sofa design from andrej statskij

 Formula Sofa: Based on the design that is the formula of modern comfort.

 contemporary sofa design from andrej statskij

 Ego Coffee Table / Bench: A mix of coffee table and bench with polished surface that can reflect your world. It can reflect the interior or your life or your face or even your ego.



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