Designs-2-Go Bookend Console Table Is Your Stylish Table And Shelf In One

Everybody wants sleek and elegant furniture at home to complete the elegant home interior design and Designs-2-Go Bookend Console Table is definitely a great product to go. The clean lines and sleek design made the table look elegant and classy. Add to it the lovely black wood grain finish, which allows the table to create a lovely contrast to a home’s furniture and decors. [Click here to know more about the Designs-2-Go Bookend Console Table]

Designs-2-Go Bookend Console Table

Designs-2-Go Bookend Console Table

The Designs-2-Go Bookend Console Table is perfect for accentuating your home or office, as it can hold your decorative items like figures, vases, books and the likes. Measuring 15.5 inches by 38 inches by 28 inches, the table is just at the right size to be placed in any part of the house or office. It requires a little assembly for you to enjoy, but surely, it will not take so much of your time. In addition, tools are provided as you purchase, so assembling the table will not be hard at all. Being made of wood, the table will definitely last longer, allowing you to enjoy the table for years.

On the other hand, if you are having a hard time installing the table, the tips below might be of help.

  • Never over-torque the cam hardware because you might just strip the hardware.
  • You might observe that the table has couple of dowel holes and sawdust around its edges. Clean the holes using the end of your screw. This will tend the dowels to slide fast and easy.
  • When you are on the gluing job, avoid putting the glue in the dowel itself because this might caused you to get glue on your fingers. Instead, put a bead or two of glue in the dowel hole and insert right after.

Following the package instruction will surely lead you to installing the Designs-2-Go Bookend Console Table in an easy and right manner. [Click here to know more about the Designs-2-Go Bookend Console Table]


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