Dine Elegantly At Etcetera Restaurant With Its Eye-catching Interior Design

Fine dining is not all about food. It also include the ambiance of the place where you are dining. At ETCETERA Restaurant, designer Jan Schreiner designed its interiors that provide an ambiance, wherein every diner will definitely love.

From Jan Schreiner:

Restaurant ET CETERA is a trendy spot in the centre of the city, a place to have a business lunch or meet friends over dinner with delicious dishes and fancy drinks.

When working on the interior the main goal was to attract big volume of guests, which can be achieved by creating a unique, unforgettable atmosphere. The interior design should make you fill at home.

When developing the project I was thinking about potential patrons of the future restaurant, I tried to keep in mind all their possible wishes and preferences in terms of comfort and coziness as well as modern trends in restaurant design. And also you have to consider the opinion of the client you work for.



Inspiration and search
Of course the first and foremost of any project is the informational contents and direction of thought. So the very first step was a research of modern trends that influence the taste of guests with the idea of the client vision in mind.

Any client wants to stand out, to be different. That’s natural and that was the key wish of my client. Having reviewed a lot of designs I noticed that the pink color and its shades were often present. So the choice of color was spontaneous but at the same time I kept searching for other options. And the more I searched the more I decided the choice of color was right as I saw it in graphics, fashion or anything related to interior design. Designers use pink and shades of it widely, furthermore in many designer blogs pink was proclaimed the color of the year.

When the “Light Festival” took place in Berlin a lot of buildings were also illuminated in pink.



Research and decision
When designing the interior it is important to see the whole picture, to see all details while still in the process and keep in mind that color plays a tremendous role in perception of any interior. And of course everything should be perfectly balanced.

The base for the concept was monochrome black and white and the shades of pink. Combination of these colors emphasizes the image of the future restaurant and makes its style easy to remember: pink for the glamorous, black for the admirers of the austere style and white for the composed and reserved. These colors are used for the furniture and elements of the décor as well as the design of the walls.

It is well known that any interior should have small color emphasis where appropriate and at the same time they should not distract your attention from the general structure. In this case I used the paintings of the French artist Fransuasa Nielli.

The center spot of the restaurant is the bar which can be clearly seen from any point. The bar stand is entirely made of Corian and hides all bar equipment from the view of the restaurant guests. Minimalism style of bar stand perfectly matches the shapes of the entire restaurant and chairs PLAIN.

The space of the restaurant can be divided in two zones: main room and party room. The interior is designed in a minimalism style with the element of eclectisism: you can find column pillars, elements of baroque writing on the bar wall and baroque style mirrors and of course contemporary furniture. Some dividers play a role of splitting the space into zones as well as just being a simple decor piece.

Pink drapes with their lightness are used not only for windows but also as zoning elements.



In one magazine I came across an interview with interior designer and architect Zaha Hadid where she said things that caught my attention: “I like combining the incompatible, old and new, black and white”. I thought “What a great idea!” and tried to implement this in my project. I was sure it would produce a terrific result! Thus I used qrotesque sized Baroque style framed mirrors as glare points. The general idea of baroque elements integrating is well supported by the furniture – tables of round and rectangular shapes, server stations and art elements of the writing on the wall. Composition elements presented by contrasting scales and colors are also relevant. One of the features of Baroque style is domination of the emotional connection with a person over the observing of harmony. No wonder Baroque means whimsical, odd in Italian. All this is more than suitable for infantile pink.

When creating a minimalistic ascetic interior the main emphasis falls on space solutions. I would even say it is not as much about the décor as it is but rather about the simplicity and plenty of space. A lot of attention is given to the finishing but again it is very simple. The front wall of the bar is accented with decorative plaster imitating brutal texture in pink.



Sacral geometry asserts that acute and right angles are somewhat worse than round and streamlined shapes. Not that often you can come across angles in the nature. We are not talking about cliffs and mountains. So softening of corners was a good decision.
Minimalistic interior presupposes only the necessary furniture pieces that harmonize the ensemble first and foremost by their functionality. We don’t need what is unnecessary.

It is a well know fact that furniture directly affects our mood and feelings. A striking element of the main room design is Panton chairs from Vitra, Verner Panton classics of the 20th century. The famous plastique of these chairs in black and white is a winning solution for the whole restaurant design concept. Aside from the common design patterns there are custom created items for the bar: ceiling lamps “hung up in the open”, bar stools and Corian sofas placed along the walls. The chairs in the main room and lounge area are covered with exclusive texture fabric by textile designer Whitney Barney from USA .

As mentioned before you can easily see the rest of the restaurant from any spot and that gives you a feeling of being involved in everything that is going on around.

The flooring of the restaurant should follow certain requirements: it should not be slippery, it has to be durable and moisture-proof. So the natural choice was to use self leveling floor of grey color for the whole restaurant area.


The restaurant consists of:
– reception area
– lounge (wait) area (adjacent to the reception area)
– restrooms (as far away from the dining area as possible)
– bar zone
– server stations
– main room
– VIP area (for private parties and events) that can also be used as main area

Thorough lighting of all areas of the restaurant helps to create a comfortable atmosphere for the guests and staff. During the day time a lot of light comes through big windows. I used halogen lamps system as well as individual spotlights, fluorescent lamps, pendant lighting fixtures in the café and main room. For the evening there is an option of decorative candle holders on tables. All light fixtures of the restaurant are controlled via a central console with a dimmer function which allows for precise adjusting of light for any time of the day. Lighting of men’s and ladies’ rooms are also controlled through a central console.

Guest lounge area has a simple and gentle design. The dividing partition separating the main area has a rounded side creating dynamics and leading the guests to the host desk.

It is really nice if you can here live music and singing in restaurants but now it is not that common. The guests of the ET CETERA restaurant still have that privilege. There is a luxury white piano in the center of the restaurant and you can enjoy the world hits of the past and present.


Well balanced interior, clear composition, right choice of contemporary classic furniture, bold shapes and absence of standard decor techniques (drapery, vases, etc.) are more that suitable to achieve the goal of this project.

The philosophy of the restaurant is not only aiming to make the potential clients to be regulars but also to attract very demanding people and make them feel at home. In a certain way it is a place with a “soul”, a place to meet friends and business partners. If you happen to walk in here you will not get a feeling that this is a place for people who consider themselves upper class.

Well trained staff will find a way with any client considering their personal preferences and wishes and the client will leave the place impressed with the choices of unique dishes from cuisines around the world. Even the most demanding and sophisticated gourmet will be happy.

The appeal of the restaurant interior is all about its brevity, simplicity and clarity. But simple does not mean plain.


From: Jan Schreiner


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