Dorm Room Decorating Ideas for Girls

It is a known fact that girls prefer a much more personalized room than guys, and when it comes to a question of decorating a dorm room, you can get one of the best dorm room decorating ideas for girls here. Normally, a dorm room consists of few beds and study tables with nothing special placed either on the walls or on the floor. There is hardly any window on the sides of the room. However, with the help of these ideas, you will certainly be able to add beauty and spark to your dorm room. You can actually change the entire look and interface of the room. There is no need of an interior designer for this job, as this article is going to provide you with a number of valid tips.

1. Wall decal for girl’s room

First of all, you should try and change the look of the walls. It does not mean that you have to paint it all over again. By applying your favorite shades in patches, you can certainly bring the required freshness in the room. From Eiffel Tower wall decal, spring flowers and birds wall decal to classy and fabulous quote wall decal, all of them are available if you know where to look for. This is one of the ways preferred by a number of designers. With different artworks on the walls, you can get one of the trendiest look in your dorm room. Don’t forget to checkout Etsy as well, it has a lot of custom designed unique decal.

Eiffel Tower Ooh La La Wall Decal - Dorm Room Decorating Ideas for Girls

2. Accessories for the wall

After decorate the wall using wall decal, you can also look forward to decorate your walls in your own way with various accessories. We have several ideas to help you on this. It is quite natural for a teenage girl to have a blast with your roommates. You should definitely have great pictures as reminders of your togetherness and frame them to hang on the wall. You can also add weeds and ribbons to it, in order to make it look more prominent.

Malden Home Profiles Puzzle Collage Picture Frame - Dorm Room Decorating Ideas for Girls

3. Bedding

A far as your bed is concerned, these ideas are absolutely perfect. It gives you the scope to increase the liveliness of your entire bed. This is one of important parts when it comes to the topic of dorm room decorating ideas for girls. This can certainly be done by adding exciting stuffs at the headboard of your bed. It can be either your favorite pop star, movie star or your own enlarged picture. Apart from this, the bed sheet plays a very important role in the complete look of your dorm room. Spreading beautiful and theme based bed sheets on all the beds can lift up the complete feel of the dorm room. Perhaps you’d want to check out Le Vele Perfume Lily duvet cover bed, Le Vele Stars duvet cover bed, or horoscope duvet cover bed. If you are into decorative pillow, you might want to check out beautiful Brentwood Knife Edge Tapestry Pillow.

Le Vele Perfume Lily duvet cover bed - Dorm Room Decorating Ideas for Girls

Le Vele Rose Stars duvet cover bed - Dorm Room Decorating Ideas for Girls

Brentwood Knife Edge Tapestry Pillow - Dorm Room Decorating Ideas for Girls

4. Various décor accents

It is not necessary that you will have to go for the expensive changeover only. The best part over here is that it allows you to get the stuffs at cheaper rates and decorate your dorm room economically. You may also place lamps, flowers, digital clock with ipod dock, and other items on your study table that is in. This will certainly bring a lot of positive energy in your dorm room.

Glass Red Rose with Vase and Love Swans Figurine - Dorm Room Decorating Ideas for Girls

Sony ICF-C7IP Clock Radio with iPod dock - Dorm Room Decorating Ideas for Girls

If you are sharing a dorm room with other roommates, you should definitely stand up and start the makeover. Hopefully with the help of above-mentioned dorm room decorating ideas for girls, you can certainly change the entire appearance of the room and that too in budget.


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