Ecodecor Tatami Flight Chair and Bench Sofa by Chris Gurney

The wonderful and attractive Tatami Flight Chair and Tatami bench sofa is just another wonderful product resulting from the creative mind of designer Chris Gurney. The combination of the traditional Japanese materials and the Western style of sitting, methods and craftsmanship made the Tatami product unique with the other. Aside from the unique combination, the Tatami Flight chair has a an aesthetic look that will for sure give its users not only the comfort of sitting but also the feeling of being fashionable for having it. The Tatami bench on the other hand has the simple yet very elegant look that is perfect for any contemporary house with people living that loves Japanese style of furniture. – via

tatami bench sofa

tatami flight chair

The cultural anthropologist Gordon Huse said that there are two customs characterized in our lives – sitting on a chair, or sitting on the ground. For centuries, the Japanese have sat on the ground (the ‘za-seat’). The mixture of the meditated style of yoga from India and the religious training from China influenced this custom. After Dogen brought Soto Zen to Japan, the tatami mat became associated with the traditional tea ceremony, and has always been used throughout Japan for this custom. If you like, think of tatami as a philosophy of sitting.

And the Tatami Flight Chair and Bench Sofa are a modern interpretation of this philosophy. The frame – available in both light or dark bamboo – has tatami as the seating base and kimono fabric as its backing. The tatami base concentrates one’s attention on thought, and allows for peace of mind in meditation. And no extended periods of sitting on the ground are required!

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  1. interior designer2be October 4, 2011 2:15 am

    i love this look. it looks so serene and quiet. Great furniture for thinking calmly without all the wild colors. I would read on the bench anyday and it looks comfortable as well.

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