Hold Your Fruits In Style With The Fruity Fruit Basket

If you are looking for a stylish fruit tray, then you can rely on the Fruity Fruit Basket. This fruit tray may not look as flashy as stainless steel fruit basket or tray you might already have, but this fruit tray, being a product made of wood is elegant enough to match with any of your home or kitchen furniture pieces.

The basket’s base has loops that prevent the fruits from falling. The center part of the basket is like a skyscraper, which presumably is the basket’s handle for you to transfer the basket from one place to another easily.

Fruity Fruit Basket
Fruity Fruit Basket

Looking from afar, the basket looks like a juicer making it not just your ideal fruit basket but also a perfect art pieces in your modern kitchen. The clean lines of the basket make it easy for you to match with your kitchen appliances, utensils, and even furniture sets.

When you buy the Fruity Fruit Basket, you will not be wasting spaces because it can be transported flat-packed. The photos of hoops showed an interpretation of easy installation. The hoops already have slits where you can easily insert the center part of the basket. It looks like, all you have to do is to insert the hoops to its proper places and voila! You already have the sleek, clean, elegant and artistic fruit basket.

With the elegance this fruit basket shows, you can have it placed in your dining table, kitchen countertop, in your coffee table, and even in your office receiving area. The Fruity Fruit Basket wills surely create an elegant and refreshing ambiance.

Fruity Fruit Basket
Fruity Fruit Basket
Fruity Fruit Basket
Fruity Fruit Basket

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