How to Decorate a Small Bedroom

A small bedroom is a common thing these days, especially if you are one of those living in big cities where homes have very limited space. Decorating a small bedroom can be tough. You might have a lot stuff in mind but wondering where to place them in your bedroom. With the aim to help you decorate your small bedroom, we are listing below few helpful ideas on how to decorate a small bedroom.

How to Decorate a Small BedroomChoose the right bed – when decorating a small bedroom, the first thing to consider is the bed, as it is the main furniture in every bedroom and it takes the largest chunk of your bedroom space. A queen size bed is ideal for small bedroom than the king size one. Platform bed on the other hand is perfect too because these types of bed are low rise making the room look larger.

Paint color options – when choosing a color for your bedroom walls, it would be nice to choose light colors if you have a small bedroom. Darker shades of paints make a room looks more compact and occupied. In addition, using minimal color combination is advisable. The more the color combination you are using, the more your room will look crowded. A combination of cream and white will not only make your room larger but will also create a refreshing look.

Choose the right furniture – like choosing a bed, choose the right furniture for your small bedroom. Instead of a closet of dresser, choose to have an under bed storage system. You can also opt to have a wall-mounted shelf than having a side table and similar furniture.

Proper bedding and curtain combination – when choosing your bedding and curtain make sure that, the two are of perfect combination with your bedroom interior design theme. Bed sheets with minimal prints are ideal. Curtains on the other hand, should match with the color of your walls.

Lighting system – lighting system plays an important role in every bedroom too. Instead of those floor lamps and desk lamps, choose to have a wall-mounted lamp installed in your bedroom and place it close to your bed so the room will look larger. A mirror installed to the opposite direction of the lamp is also beneficial, as the mirror will create and illusion of additional space.

Electronics – choose the right appliances too. Wall mounting your LCD or LED TV will definitely do the trick.


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