Ipe For Your Decking And Furniture Needs

Beautiful and long lasting furniture starts out with using a fine material and Ipe fits that requirement. If you are not yet familiar what Ipe is, it is renowned as the top quality material for decking. Ipe is a hard, dense wood that is resistant to the damages caused by rot, UV degradation and pests. In addition, the Ipe is also one of the most beautiful natural materials available in the market today. It has a fine grain and rich color that make your Ipe decks and Ipe furniture looks even more beautiful.

ipe 24inch table

With the mentioned features of Ipe above, there will be no doubt that people will prefer Ipe decking than any other. Aside from the beautiful features the Ipe has, a known company the Overseas Hardword Company or OHC is one of the makers of high quality Ipe decks and claims that their installations have withstood the strong winds of a hurricane. This claim seems to be bold but I assume this is true, since the material itself, which is the Ipe is already renowned of being on top quality.

ipe 33 inch round table

Aside for using it in decking, Ipe or Ironwood is also a good material for your furniture. OHC has various line of Ipe furniture that you will surely love. Durability will never be an issue with these types of furniture lines since Ipe is considered as the hardest wood known by human. Aside from durability, Ipe’s natural rich color adds up the beauty of every type of furniture it has served. One of the best Ipe furniture of OHC is their 24-inch Ipe End Table, which is truly a beautiful work of art because of what the natural colors of Ipe bring. Aside from what is mentioned, Ipe furniture also includes a coffee table, chairs, lounger and more. The items mentioned only prove that Ipe is not only perfect for Ipe Decking purposes but for furniture making as well.

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