Keep Your Kids’ Dirty Clothes In Order With The Oxo Tot Flip-in Hamper

Kids are messy all the time to the extent that they place their belongings anywhere they wanted to. From their toys to their books to their notebooks and even their dirty clothes are flying all around the house. As parents, we always want our homes as clean and safe as possible and to maintain the cleanliness we want, the Oxo Tot Flip-In Hamper is our tool to the rescue, a hamper that comes just at the right size four our kids and their rooms. With this hamper, our kids can now put their laundry in one place and the house will be free from clutter, which is an eyesore to every parent alive.

Unlike other hampers or laundry bins that are made of hard materials, the Oxo Tot Flip-In Hamper is made of sturdy board and fabric making it safe for our little ones. In addition, the hamper also has handles cushioned with foam that are soft and thick enough for our kids’ comfortable grip. [Click here for more info about the Oxo Tot Flip-In Hamper]

Oxo Tot Flip-In Hamper

Oxo Tot Flip-In Hamper

Instead of those hard to open lids that other laundry bins or hamper have, the Oxo Tot Flip-In Hamper has the lid that will just flaps flex out of the way every time you or your kids placed in a laundry.

This stylish kiddie hamper from Oxo comes in four different colors including a combination of brown and blue, brown and pink, gray and green and a combination of green and pink. The neat design of the Oxo Tot Flip-In Hamper will make your kids’ room tidy and it will surely match easily with your kids’ furniture pieces. [Click here for more info about the Oxo Tot Flip-In Hamper]

Oxo Tot Flip-In Hamper
Oxo Tot Flip-In Hamper


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  1. Bryan April 25, 2014 6:21 pm

    help me pick a garbage can that kinda matches this brown w/pink one or white with green one

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