Travertine Natural Stone Bathtubs by Vaselli Marmi

Another stone bathtubs to complete your natural bathroom design theme. Travertine is a natural stone that has been used since ancient period within great architectural masterpiece of Roman times, physically timeless. Now you can have it as your bathtubs, check Vaselli Marmi’s AQUA collection. The pleasantly oval Sailing bathtub makes use of white travertine, the angular Boat bathtub is in gold travertine, and the circular Beach bathtub is in becagli travertine.

travertine stone bathtubs

vaselli marmi stone bathtubs

vaselli marmi travertine stone bathtubs

From : Vaselli Marmi

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Bathroom Vanity with A Clock from Ellebi

Those who are consider punctuality is very important thing, this bathroom vanity collections from Ellebi might be a great additional touch to their bathroom. With a cosmetic clock hand handles, with this bathroom furniture, you can always know the time, avoid being late for young professionals. Smart idea of placing wall clocks near the time vanity and cabinets, it’s like saying this is bathroom vanity clock style. Available in different colors and styles, wall-mounted or free-standing.

ellebi bathroom vanity

ellebi bathroom vanity

ellebi bathroom vanity

From : Ellebi

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Walk-In Eclisse Moon Shaped Shower by Cesana

Stunning walk-in shower from Cesana by Piet Billekens, eliminate the danger of slippery bathroom floors, because there are two walk-in area inside, wet and dry. With bright aluminium and chromed brass components, the shower makes beautiful combination in stainless steel glass protection.

cesana walk-in shower curve style

eclisse walk-in curve shower style from cesana

cesana eclisse walk-in shower curve style

From : Cesana

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Amphora Luxury Bathroom Faucets from Phylrich

The new Amphora Bathroom Faucet Collection from Phylrich is featuring a Ribbon handle design. With unusual look and timeless forms, this pieces of ribbon is ideal from classic bathroom interior design. Phylrich is a company that doesn’t want to limit your individual style, they provide varies of beautiful luxury bathroom faucets for you to choose. This Amphora bathroom faucet collection from Phylrich can really captivate your eyes with its elegance sculpture.

amphora phylrich bathroom faucets

phylrich bathroom faucets from amphora

amphora phylrich bathroom faucets

From : Phylrich

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Cyan Walk-In Shower from Kohler (Handicap Bathroom)

Handicap bathroom needs walk-in shower that makes the users easy to enter, features a curved glass wall with an open end, this cyan walk-in shower can complete your handicap bathroom. This walk-in shower doesn’t mean only suitable for disable people but also for elders, with its cleancoat surface coating offers ease of cleaning without scrubbing or chemicals.

handicap bathroom from kohler, cyan walk-in shower

Manufacturer : Kohler

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Riva Waterfall Faucet from Bongio

Seeing waterfall from the picture. A beautiful one, extraordinary waterfall faucet design from Bongio gives you a new perspective on waterfall faucet. With its smooth plane of stainless steel shines as water flows over it from an integral outlet. The distinctive approach of the Riva is sensory perception of the cascading water, but doesn’t hide the unique design of the faucet itself. You can choose to install the faucet so that the water out in a stream from below or above, either way, the result is really extraordinary.

waterfall faucet from bongio

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Bathroom Faucet Collections 2008 from Newform

Start the 2008 with a new high quality bathroom faucet collections from Newform. If you have never heard of it, you might recognize their famous Tattoo and Morpho collections. The first two collections, class-x and neo class-x, the style is combination of modern elements and simple, yet intriguing and it suits your contemporary and modern bathroom design.

newform 2008 bathroom faucet collections

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Transparent Bath Screen from Victoria Plumb

Combination of rigid construction and craftsmanship, Victoria Plumb produces superior crafted bath screens for you to remodel or upgrade any existing bathroom design. Bath screen can be a beautiful little touch of splash and elegance for your bathroom, creating illusion of openness.

bath screen bathroom accessories

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Wood Bathroom Vanity from Mariner

Wood bathroom vanity from Mariner designed with natural and crafted materials. If you are creating a natural look for you bathroom, you can choose this bathroom vanity to complete it. The curvy forms highlight the innate grain of the wood. As you can see in the pictures below, some of the bathroom vanity are using bands of different woods, looks beautiful in harmony. The modern and clean look should make perfect combination for your contemporary bathroom.

mariner bathroom vanity

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Piudue Bathroom Furniture – Insipred by Sea Shells

Piudue bathroom furniture is inspired by beautiful sea shells. Made up from perfect fusion of horizontal and vertical axes, piudue catch your eyes with its minimalist form, convey a sense of rhythm and equilibrium. Piudue bathroom furniture module fit perfect symmetry and balance of the “+” sign.

bathroom furniture from piudue

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