Parallel World: Your Catchy Shelving System

Personally, I find those shelving system boring and a thing of yesterday. However, by the time I saw the Parallel World from Samal Design I find myself completely wrong. The Shelf stands asymmetrically making it a unique furniture piece for your modern home. It will not only hold your books and other items in style but also will definitely form part of your interior design as a catchy home décor. This will be ideal in all parts of the house. Offices will surely find it ideal for their waiting area or lobby for interior design purposes.

Parallel World Shelf

Parallel World Shelf

Collection exists in limited edition of 300 pieces, It is a storing system realized in MDF of white color and manufactured by french company “V2 Design”, distributed exclusively by Achatdesign. Prices: 169 – 449 Euros.

The collection has certain philosophical meaning, as it reminds us about possible existing of parallel worlds, so presented pieces are partly hided in nowhere, or “held by another world”…

Parallel World Shelf

Parallel World Shelf

Source: Samal Design


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