Save on Labor Cost by Learning On How to Install Kitchen Cabinets

We always want our kitchen to be are presentable as it can be to our guests’ eyes and of course for a refreshing and clean feel whenever we prepare our foods. Kitchen cabinets are generally costly and the installation cost just adds up to the cost the many of the household owners can easily prevent if they have the right amount of knowledge on how to install kitchen cabinets.

You might also want to checkout Home Depot for your kitchen cabinets, they offer an easy way for you to cut your costs by simply following these simple instructions, you might be eligible to get$500 Gift Card. You can click here to get a chance to win $500 Home Depot Gift Card. After you have bought your kitchen cabinet, installing it is the next thing that you should take care of. If you do not want to waste your hard-earned money on paying those installers, installing the kitchen cabinets your own is the best thing you should do.

The steps that we will provide will surely help you get done easily in installing your kitchen cabinets. To start with, you must first draw a parallel line on the wall using a level and pencil. The line must be at three inches from the floor upwards and make a mark. From the mark, you can now measure 34 ½ upwards and draw a line. This will now be your indicator as the top of the base cabinets. Next, from the top, measure another 19 ½ inches to indicate the bottom part of the cabinet.

kitchen Cabinet
kitchen Cabinet

Then, locate the wall studs using a stud finder. After you have found it, mark its locations. Make sure it is at least six inches below the cabinet’s bottom part. Create an indicator of the stud’s center by drawing a vertical line between your top and bottom mark.

Next is you will screw a temporary support rail to the wall. Make sure the support will align the top part of the rail to the bottom of the cabinet.

Now time to install your cabinets. Install the corner cabinet first using two screws. After you have installed the corner cabinet, you can now install the adjacent ones. Make sure you are securing each cabinet with its neighbors using a clamp.

Next step is to push the adjoining cabinet to turn a corner with base cabinets. Lastly, crew the back part of your cabinet to the studs you recently installed on the wall.

Hopefully this article provides you some information you need when it comes to “How to install kitchen cabinets” topic.


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