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Have Fun Using Your Bathroom Sink With The Modern Single Handle Waterfall Bathroom Vanity Vessel Sink LED Faucet

Elegant LED lighting adds up to the beauty of the water and thus, you surely would love using your bathroom sink if you have the Modern Single Handle Waterfall Bathroom Vanity Vessel Sink LED Faucet.

This one of a kind, lovely faucet is made of solid brass and a chrome finish, thus it is designed to serve you longer. Aside from the multi-layer chrome finish, the faucet also has a durable ceramic cartridge of 3mm and guaranteed no leakage proven by a 500,000 times open and close test made. [Click here to checkout Modern Single Handle Waterfall Bathroom Vanity Vessel Sink LED Faucet]

Modern Single Handle Waterfall Bathroom Vanity Vessel Sink LED Faucet

Modern Single Handle Waterfall Bathroom Vanity Vessel Sink LED Faucet

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Beautiful Swarovksi Jewels on Your Bathroom Sink from Antalogia

We all know that glamorous people and those who are in the high society express themselves with Swarovski jewels. However, Antalogia brings the Swarovski fever unto your bathrooms. Yes! You heard it right. Antologia managed to decorate your bathroom sinks with Swarovski for a more elegant and classy look. You can have it installed on the side of your sinks or on top of it. Even you tank cover is also capable of being decorated with Swarovski. In addition, the tank itself can also be as elegant and glamorous with your sinks and covers by having some Swarovski around it. – via

antologia swarvoski jewels sink

antologia swarvoski jewels sink

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Ebano Wooden Bathroom Sink

Beautiful and elegant wooden sink is described perfectly through Ebano wooden bathroom sink. This wooden sink is carved out wooden piece and applying the finesse of the luxury materials, starting the new trend ? This particular wooden basin made in stone rain wood blends into the warm environment with its linear outer dimensions while the delicate sculpture on the inside softly embraces the natural light while captivating the glorious stone grain in redolent color. Perfect for bathroom with “back to nature” theme.

ebano wooden washbasin

ebano wooden sink

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Cer Bathroom Sinks Collection from Agape

Range collection of CER bathroom sink from Agape offers unique approach to the often mundane. Some of these bathroom sinks are using wood as main materials, you can choose dark oak or light oak to find your color. What sets these sinks out from the crowd is that it’s a self standing cone of waterproof birch plywood mounted by the same fixtures.

Another collection would be made of marble and white ceramic materials, or small washbasin called Cheese, you can see it in the last picture below.

wood agape cer bathroom sink

agape bucatini cer bathroom sink collection

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Rendezvous with Future : Bathroom Sink Design from Cenk Kara

This sink designed by Cenk Kara, with the concept of rendezvous with future, this sink definitely can represent the meaning of rendezvous. But this is still a concept, you won’t see it in the market right now, hopefully soon.

sink design

sink design

Another sink designs by Cenk Kara

bathroom sink design

bathroom sink design

Designer : Cenk Kara

Minimalist and Modern Bathroom Sink from Wet Style

A touch of minimalist and modern design in bathroom sink from Wet Style. This bathroom sink can blend very well in your bathroom decor because of its simplicity, yet modern style. Made from composite resin, you can redesign this bathroom sink into freestanding style or mounted onto a pedestal.

wet style bathroom sink

modern wet style bathroom sink

minimalist wet style bathroom sink

simple wet style bathroom sink

From : Wet Style

Snail Bathroom Sink from Varm

Beautiful art in your bathroom sink. This eye-catching bathroom sink with curvaceous form makes it really easy to blend with contemporary bathroom design. Those intriguing bathroom sink forms comes with pure white ceramic, but also available distinctive checkered pattern, or a touch of luxurious gold, pick your sink.

bathroom sink from varm

bathroom sink from varm

bathroom sink from varm

From : VarmDesign

Mosaic Bathroom Sink from Alchemy

Alchemy’s mosaic bathroom sink will definitely have people running their hands over your countertops when they visit. The company’s glass is hand-crafted, using “unique fusing and slumping methods” to bring out its beauty.

alchemy mosaic bathroom sink

alchemy mosaic bathroom sink

From : Alchemy

Minimalist AIS Bathroom Sink from Moab 80

Moab 80 introduced a clear minimalist ais bathroom sink which maintain a clean liner aspect and eliminates the need for a faucet. Fully integrate water system, allow a mini-waterfall within the sink, strong, bold lines are the focus of the sink. With its impressive white color, present a pure and luxury bathroom design. A metallic cube-shaped handle adds interest at the right corner? simply push the handle away from you to release the stream of water. Looking to the future with its fantastic hidden water sheet construction, the Moab 80 AIS is a compelling all inclusive sink.

moab 80 ais sink

minimalist bathroom sink from moab80

From : Moab80

Hatria Introduced Grandangolo Bathroom Sink

Hatria introduced a new line of sinks, Grandangolo. Beautiful and modern design dominated by a curved line that defines the shape of the sink. You can use these large sink in the corners of the bathroom, simple and elegance. This sinks are available in a wide variety of sizes to fit your bathroom dimensions perfectly.

grandangolo bathroom sink

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