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Pacman Lookalike Lamp By Designlab

If you remember the computer game pacman on your childhood, then you must recognize the O! CAP lamp by Designlab. It resembles the star on the said game and even the color is reminiscent of pacman. However, the most amazing part of this pacman lookalike lamp is its ability to produce aromatic effect on your place. Yes! the O! CAP is a scented rubber cap that can be put on to any of your lampshade or to its own energy saving lamp. The O! CAP is able to release its aromatic scent through the lamps emitted temperature. Three scent variants are available to suit your mood and this include the orange for a mandarin aroma, green for a lemongrass scent, and purple if you like to have a scent of cherry blossom in your place. -via

O! Cap Lamp

O! Cap Lamp

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