The New REK Bookcase Holds Your A Must Read Books

It has been more than four years since Reinier de Jong had created the first REK bookcase for a private client. Today, the designer again creates a new REK bookcase with some addition details and improvements aside from its new finish, which is a little lighter than the previous one. With today modern way of living, books seems to be not worth collecting anymore when you can have them all using your internet, smart phones, tablets and e-book readers. Well, you might look at it this way at first glance but if you come to think of it, collecting books these days are becoming rare because of the presence of those digital products. Here is where the importance of REK bookcase comes in.

REK Bookcase
REK Bookcase

Collecting books with top quality will now become an artifact and the bookcase will not only your simple and functional book holder but also will be one of your art pieces at home. Designed by Reinier de Jong, the bookcase is astoundingly unique. It has the ability to grow as your book collection grows. On the other hand, you can also set the bookcase to as little as the number of your book collection. The bookcase comes has parts in zigzag shape that you can slide in and out to accommodate the number of books you are putting in. You can also arrange your books according to sizes wherein narrow spaces are perfect to place your magazines.
REK Bookcase
REK Bookcase

The bookcase has a maximum dimension of 202 x 228 x 36 cm. If the original REK bookcase comes with a white HPL finish that gives the furniture a cool and abstract look, the new version comes in a recycled HPL by Abet Laminati. The finish uses a grey material that gives the furniture a warm and intriguing look. The new version comes in light and dark grey finish that people can associate it easily with concrete or grey cardboard.

REK Bookcase
REK Bookcase

Other than the new finish, the new REK bookcase is also weighs a little less than the original version at only 80 kilograms. With the lightweight feature, the new REK is easier to transport and slide. One more great feature of the new REK bookcase is the added stop that will guide the parts no not slide out too far.

REK Bookcase

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Source: Reinier de Jong


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