The Oturakast Storage Furniture Is Your Storage, Décor, And Stool In One

We all love multi-purposed furniture designs, for it will allow us to make use of the furniture in various ways minus the cost of buying one separate furniture piece for each purpose. The Oturakast Storage Furniture is just one of those furniture pieces designed to serve us in multiple purposes. Inspired by the hospitality of her Turkish in-laws, designer Rianne Koens created the Oturakast, a furniture piece composed of stack of separate storage components.

The name Oturakast is derived from the Turkish words Otur, which means sit and Oturak, which on the other hand means stool. The idea of the chest on the other hand is inspired from a Western interior design.

Oturakast Storage Furniture
Oturakast Storage Furniture

The Oturakast has the legs making it able to serve as a useful stool than can be used when unexpected or guests with short notice arrive. They can sit on it and when they leave, the legs can then be folded and the stools can then be stack and serve as your lovely drawers completing your stylish cabinet again.

The design of the Oturakast Storage Furniture is the result of the designer’s aim to emphasize the positive side of the Turkish culture and incorporate it to a Western design. The Oturakast looks very modern and unique. Obviously, it is a modular piece of furniture, allowing you to stack a number of Oturakast Storage Furniture according to your liking.

Oturakast Storage Furniture
Oturakast Storage Furniture
Oturakast Storage Furniture
Oturakast Storage Furniture
Oturakast Storage Furniture
Oturakast Storage Furniture Rianne Koens

Source: Rianne Koens


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