The Perfect Cup: The Ideal Cup For Passionate Tea Drinkers

Aiming to have the perfect cup of tea is part of being a passionate tea drinking. Student designer Callum Kenny has answer for this desire of many of the passionate drinker with his elegant cup called as the Perfect Cup. This one of a kind product from Kenny is composed of four parts that include the glass carafe, the three glass temperature bulbs, the tea caddy and filter. With how the product functions, having your cup of tea has never been easy. In addition, the Perfect Cup is elegant enough to be on top of your coffee table.

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Callum Kenny.
The perfect cup.
Design student Callum Kenny has created a product for the passionate tea drinker seeking the perfect cup of tea.
The perfect cup is composed of four parts: the glass carafe, the three glass temperature bulbs, the tea caddy and filter. Based on the principles of the Galileo thermometer the three bulbs each indicate an optimum brewing temperature and work through the changing densities in water. The user only has to choose a temperature bulb that compliments the tea, place it in the carafe watch it sink and eventually float indicating the water is ready. Users measure the required amount of loose leaf tea from the tea caddy in to the filter and observer the changing colour of water in the carafe. Slowly the water colour deepens to the liking of the user and the brewing process can be stopped with the removal of the filter. Then the perfect cup can be enjoyed.

Callum’s research highlighted that both water temperature and brew time effected the final flavours of the tea. Mistakes in these areas comprise the tea leaving a bitter tasting cup.

With 64 million cups of tea being enjoyed within the last 24hours how many of them will have been made with such consideration and care? Callum finds tea a refuge and takes pleasure in brewing that perfect cup. Callum says “Its time to find tea a pleasure again and not just a convenience.”


The Perfect Cup

The Perfect Cup

Notes to editor
Callum Kenny is an open minded designer whom uses a methodical design approach to cracking any problem he comes across. With user based research Callum can generate insights and with his design process generate 100 ideas leading down to one. Callum’s engineering background comes through in his designs with exploration of material and methods that he uses. Instead of simply opting for the electronic methods he uses his engineering principles to give a more elegant solution.

The Perfect Cup

From: Callum Kenny


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