The Prop Shelf Is An Artistically Designed Shelving System For Your Modern Home

Shelves like the Prop Shelf play an important role in our homes. They hold small items we have at home while at the same time play as part of our interior design. They also come in various designs, sizes, materials, and more. The Prop is a shelf that has been designed to have a high structure yet stable, completing a PROP shelf are two bars and a shelf part joined together.

The triangular structure made the PROP shelf artistic enough to be in a home full of modern furniture pieces and decors. Looks like a man standing, the shelf has all its parts supporting each other from three different directions like a reconciled conflict elements. Even though the shelf has the crooked structure, it has an increased stability the moment a load is applied, because this is the time when the shelf’s power is concentrated in the joint area.

PROP Shelf
PROP Shelf

With how it looks and how it works, this shelf would be perfect to be in any part of the house. You can have it perfectly match with your home’s furniture pieces. You can have it in your living room or bedroom holding your books, magazines and other reading materials as well as some small items.

You may find the shelf an asymmetrical furniture design, but it is a well-balanced one. It might look fragile, however, it is as stable as your other shelving system with well-balanced and uniform measurements. This is made possible by the triangular structure on both sides of the shelf that only the PROP shelf has.

PROP Shelf
PROP Shelf
PROP Shelf

Source: Design Soil


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