Snaidero And Falmec Green Island Hood Promotes Cleaner Air In The Kitchen

In the kitchen is where you prepare the foods and all the mess as well as different unwanted smell are around but not if you have Snaidero and Falmec Green Island Hood. The collaboration of the Snaider and Falmec is a good indication that everybody can now enjoy cooking even the smelliest food without worrying about the bad odor touring around the house. The new Green hood has the controlled bipolar ionization technology; atmospheric ions that will not only eliminate unpleasant odors in the kitchen but will also restore the optimal ionic equilibrium in domestic environments. In this way, the well-being of the people living in a home with the Green hood will have the well-being and health enhanced.

Snaidero and Falmec Green Island Hood
Snaidero and Falmec Green Island Hood

At present the Snaidero and Falmec Green Island Hood is available in Snaidero’s new model called WAY. The WAY is the first extractor hood that has the ability to sanitize air through its bipolar electric field generated by the extractor and applied to the airflow. The new and innovative green hood eliminates the need of fume and odor pipes. The advantage that every household will love about this new island hood is the absence of discharging stale air outside the house, which is basic to traditional extractor hood. With this advantage, there will be no more dispersed heat or cool during winter and summer season respectively.

Snaidero and Falmec Green Island Hood

This innovation allows Sanidero to strengthen its eco-friendly approach to its mass produced and industrial kitchens. The WAY as well as the rest of Snaidero models has cabinet carcasses made of low emission, has lower formaldehyde emissions, and less than half level of the European standard panel. In addition, the Snaidero and Falmec Green Island Hood uses eco-friendly, non-toxic water-based paints during the lacquering process. Other than that, the Way also uses wood that are FSC certified making the Snaidero and Falmec Green Island Hood not only innovative and stylish but also eco-friendly.

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