Top 10 Unique Bathtubs You Wouldn’t Believe They Exist

To complete the functionality and of course the unique look of our bathroom, a piece of unique bathtub will surely get the job done. After a long search online for unique bathtub designs, we have listed our top ten unique bathtubs below and see if you find them unique too. Please note though that the list is not in order. We just have it according to the order we found them.

1. Sculpted Granite Bathtub
This nice and uniquely designed bathtub is made out of giant granite in pebble shape. Makers brought the granite piece from Bali and sculpted it into a form of a bathtub. You won’t see any pipes in this piece of bathtub because they are hidden in the wooden chest beside it.

Sculpted Granite Bathtub - Top 10 unique bathtubs

(Source : Improvised Life)

2. The Bath Boat
Mimicks the feel of being on the beach when taking a bath with this uniquely designed Bath Boat. True to its name, this unique bathtub is designed similar to the shape of a boat. This bathtub comes in limited edition and is made of Oak and Red cedar.

The Bath Boat - Top 10 unique bathtubs
(Source : Galerie Kreo)

3. Amaltea Bathtub
The design of Amaltea Bathtub may not be as unique as other will expect but its color surely will bring a unique ambiance to your bathroom. This violet colored bathtub surely gets its color from the materials used for it. The tub is made from Amethyst, a quartz used commonly in jewelries.

Amaltea Bathtub - Top 10 unique bathtubs
(Source : Hometone)

4. Yin Yang Couples Bathtub
This bathtub design allows couples to relax and rejuvenate together at the same time without compromising their desired bath settings. This unique bathtub design is divided into two equal parts. With this feature, each partner will have the privacy they want whilst enjoying the company of each other.

Yin Yang Couples Bathtub - Top 10 unique bathtubs
(Source : This is Why I’m Broke)

5. Ballerine Bathtub
Functionality and design is what the Ballerine Bathtub is all about. This uniquely designed bathtub works double as a freestanding shower cabin. The bathtub also comes with a shower head that works double as the bathtub faucet and shower disc. It already comes with hot and cold shower too.

Ballerine Bathtub - Top 10 unique bathtubs
(Source : Lange and Lange)

6. The Hammock Bathtub
Made of strong carbon fiber, the hammock bathtub will allow you to enjoy a warm and rejuvenating bathe whilst feeling like being at your backyard lounging in your favorite hammock feeling the fresh air. Comes with no stand, the hammock bathtub completes its unique design with its stainless steel bracket designed for the purpose of suspending it from your bathroom walls.

The Hammock Bathtub - Top 10 unique bathtubs
(Source : Home and Hues)

7. Crystal Bathtub
We have already seen bathtubs made of ceramic, wood, and the likes, but this unique bathtub we featured is made of just a single rock crystal found in the Amazonia rainforest. The tub measure 8.3 feet in diameter and can accommodate three people.

Crystal Bathtub - Top 10 unique bathtubs
(Source : Gizmodo)

8. 71″ Hadley Copper Double-Slipper Tub
Another tub you can choose if you want unique bathtub for your bathroom is the 71″ Hadley Copper Double-Slipper Tub. It is made of antique copper patina and is spacious enough with its length at 71 inches. The tub sits on top of polished brass feet making it completely unique.

71-inch Hadley Copper Double-Slipper Tub - Top 10 unique bathtubs
(Source : Signature Hardware)

9. Bathboard
If your bathroom has limited space, you can opt to have this uniquely designed bathtub called Bathboard. The tub is made of rubber treated to become extra elastic and spongy. The tub is foldable allowing more space in your bathroom for other concerns.

Bathboard - Top 10 unique bathtubs
(Source : Homedit)

10. Wooden Bathtub
A wooden bathtub is not common since we normally prefer those made from materials that are waterproof. However this unique bathtub that was inspired by boat building comes with a multi-layer covering making it fully waterproof.

Wooden Bathtub - Top 10 unique bathtubs
(Source : Freshome)


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