TopBrewer Coffee Machine Is Your High-Tech Coffee Maker

If you want modern and innovative coffee maker, then the TopBrewer Coffee Machine is the perfect coffee maker for you. This machine has innovative function and sculptural design that will surely make you drooling and dying to own one.

Almost everything in this coffee maker is something new in the world of coffee brewing.

  • Stainless Steel Tap – TopBrewer has clean, elegant, beautiful and most of all patented stainless steel tap that is designed to be a built-in tap on every tabletop. The tap is sleek and simple enough to match in any elegant kitchen design.
  • Smallest Foamer – maker of TopBrewer claimed to have designed the smallest milk foamer on earth. You can see the foamer at the tip of the stainless tap
  • Attached Modern Technology – what made this coffee machine a perfect coffee maker for today’s world and lifestyle is its connectivity to today’s modern technology. With just a simple touch of your iPhone or iPad, you can let TopBrewer brew your favorite coffee from freshly ground coffee beans. Other than that, you can also control different machines in one iPad or iPhone. This feature will allow you to select your desired drink in an almost instant fashion.

TopBrewer Coffee Machine
TopBrewer Coffee Machine

TopBrewer Coffee Machine features:

  • Two self-adjustable grinders, one is for the filter and the one is for the espresso
  • Has exact tamper pressure, 20 kilograms for espresso and 0 kilogram for filter coffee
  • Throws exact ingredient for a consistent quality
  • It heats fresh water to achieve the right brew temperature
  • It heats the milk for temperature correction and foams for the right texture
  • It offers up to 10% increase of coffee extraction

Features and drinks you can enjoy with TopBrewer

  • Coffee
  • Chocolate
  • Juice
  • Milk and Steam
  • Hot and cold water

With the excellent design and function, the TopBrewer Coffee Machine is definitely the answer to your coffee need at home or office.
TopBrewer Coffee Machine
TopBrewer Coffee Machine

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